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Accomodations (Hosts) in 9 countries
In are already hosts from 10 countries listed and every day more hotels, lodgings, guesthouses, restaurants with rooms, holiday houses/villas, holiday parcs, farms and privat accommodations join us.

Room available?
Our database is currently still in it's initial stage and unfortunately not all our hosts provided their "Vacancy"-Information yet. Therefore you get the most search results if you begin your search without a date.

A accommodation at which rate?
Also the pricing has not been provided by all the hosts, therefore you get the most results if you begin your search without a price.

Host search by:
Country: listed so far Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey
Land: country-specific, a prerequisite is prior country choice.
County/Region: country-specific, a prerequisite is prior country choice here, too.
Category: *,**,***,****,*****, garni
Type of Hotel: Hotel, Apartment Hotel, Club Hotel, Holiday Parc, Holiday House, Lodging, Hotelship, Guesthouse, Farms, Motel, Hostel, privat accommodation
Classification: Ayurveda Resort, Experience Hotel, Family Hotel, Holiday-Hotel, Golf Hotel, Hay-Hotel, Clinic & Spa Hotel, Luxury Hotel, Non-Smoker Hotel, Equestrian Estate, Sanatorium?, Castle Hotel, Sporthotel, City Hotel, Beach Hotel, Conference Hotel, Spa Hotel. Under the topic "Curiosum"? you will find hosts, which feature through a special concept, exceptional ambiance or a specific location.
Hotelchain: with help of this searchoption you will find hosts, which are part of a hotelchain (hotelgroup). Example: with this option you filter out all "Radisson Blue Hotels".
Type of rooms: Apartment/Holidayflat, Double Room, Duplex (over two floors), Single room, Holiday House/Villa, multi-share room, Studio, Suits
Travel agencies: If you would prefer to book with a specific travel agency, you can use this search criteria to filter out all hosts who operate with for example: TUI or Neckermann.

Advanced search:
Here you will find nearly 90 further features, which are important to you with the choice of your perfect host, for example: garage, indoor-pool, childcare, garden, dogs allowed, bicycle rental, vegetarian cuisine, safe, minibar, conference room, spa area, etc.

All search criterias connect with each other.