What's the difference in hotelboy.com?

Hotelboy.com is a HostComfortIndex -
             with central database for hosts worldwide from private accommodations to Luxury Hotels

meantime more than 65 000 hosts are listed and the number grows every day

Benefit for hosts:
- every host administrates his entry himself and indipendenly in his private area of

  hotelboy.com, hence his entry is always updated
- no commision for the placement of guests, guests book direct at host
- there are 4 service offers available:

  Package S: free of charge - basic entry
    basic address data without e-mail and www, mini-presentation, basic search
  Package M: 60,00 €/per month - from WLAN to Last minute & more
    Address with e-mail and www, 1 photo summer/winter, detailed description, reduction for direct booking, hotelboySpecials, like for example: Last minute & more, medi-presentation, standard search
  Package L: 120,00 €/per month - from WLAN to availability of rooms
    like M plus slide show with 16 additional photos sommer/winter, room avaiability (easy administration), presentation of own arrangements and offers, embedding aera map, maxi-presentation, premium search
Package XL: 160,00 €/per month like L plus direct connection to PMS maxi-XL-presentation
    Further information to the packeges can be found under "register now"

- the contract period is one year
- free of charge publicity as "Host of the week" on the 1. page of hotelboy.com, 
   e-mail to "Contact" is sufficient

Benefit for user:
- fast and  efficient search results, time-consuming searching was yesterday
- survey of all hosts and their offers
- can profit from the self booking discount
- can contact up to 30 hosts at one time with the reminder list
- finds information to regions and travel reports and can post advertisements
- can search regionally and nationally
- to the selective search more than 90 search expressions can be chosen


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