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Price per month (incl. VAT) € 0.00 € 190.00 € 290.00 € 490.00
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Basic datas: Address with telno and faxno, county, region, category (stars), kind of accommodation (hotel, guesthouse, private accommodation, etc.), classification (city hotel, holiday resort, Curiosum, Historicum, ect. ) and minimum price per person/night, Restplatzbörse, hotelboySpecials + + + +
Basic search: The search option confines to the basic datas at the top. + + + -
Standard search: This search contains the entries of the basic datas plus in addition more than 90 search criterias, as for example "historic building", "dogs allowed" or "WLAN"... - + + -
Premium search: Covers all search keys from basic and standard search plus room availability and own offers and arrangement from the accommodation - - + +
Photo summer/winter: 1 photo per season in the search result, change 30th April and 31st October - + + +
e-mail address: - + + +
www-address: URL for example: - + + +
Detail datas: Detailed description of the accommodation: Equipement/facilities, number rooms/studios/apartments/suites, holiday homes, ect., catering, prices, languages reception, sport facilities, courses/workshops: lifestyle/spa/health, information to area, links to events and info about distances ect. - + + +
Room availability: Easy, intuitively and indipendent administration of host himself - - + +
hotelboySpecials: Fixed and changing offers like: Last minutes&more, Spa... the little holiday, Romantic weekend for two, New Years Eve Special.... + + + +
Own arrangements & offers from accommodation: Particular offers and arrangments of the accommodation itself - - + +
Restplatzbörse: Short-term vacancies + + + +
Direct booking discount: Discount for direct booking at host + + + +
Site map: Integration of a site map - + + +
Mini-Presentation: Address with telno and faxno, county, type of accommodation, category, classification, price + - - -
Medi-Presentation: Address like in Version S + email and www, describing the accommodation in details and one photo summer/winter, change 30th April and 31st October. - + - -
Maxi-Presentation with slide-show: Crossfade slide-show with up to 16 photos, can be changed for summer and winter. Describing the accommodation in details with pleasant individual texts. - - + +
Booking schedule: Booking schedule for self modification by host - - + +
Connection to PMS or Channelmanager: - - - +
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Duration of contract and termination

The contract period is of 12 months and it will be automatically extended for the next 12 months, if no written notice has been sent 3 months prior to the end of the contract. We will inform early enough about the beginning notice time


The payment of the data set entry will be effected once a year in advance by SEPA Direct Debit Mandate (either Direct Debit or Business-to-Business depends on status) or credit transfer for hosts in the SEPA area. For customers outside the SEPA area the payment will be effected once a year in advance by PayPal.